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Understated role of the mirrors in the interior design

The mirrors will make the room look much bigger, brighter and more interesting.

Although they seem the simplest option, it is not always the case.
The mirror provides functionality and style in your home. Mirrors come in many forms, and each of them fulfills different purposes. Only the space available to meet your needs should be considered.

The small and oscillating arm mirrors offer an excellent option for more detailed tasks, such as the makeup application. The mirrors on the walls and the panels of the mirrors need a lot of space and provide more light and illusion of space to the corridors, bathrooms and dining areas.

The standing mirror is the statement piece with the detailed design and brings a touch of style to your bedroom.

The mirrored panels on the closet doors also allow you to check the outfit when you dress.

Role of the mirrors in the interior design
Interior Mirrors 

Choose the type of mirror glass for the purpose:

Antiqued: as the name implies, the mirror is treated and "antiqued", to give this aspect the aged and distressed appearance

silver: mirror commonly used in homes

Plastic: plastic coated with reflective surfaces, one of the best options for safety.

Metal: it is made of a very polished surface. The mirrors can not be broken.

Concave: it is preferred for the mirrors of the hand and the oscillating arm, the glass curves inwards or increases reflection.

Size your options

Suppose you want to make the room look bigger and add a dramatic touch to the lobby, then bigger is better. Consider the type of floor-to-ceiling mirror or the type of wall-to-wall mirror panel for maximum impact. The standing or cheval mirrors are the great options suitable for the bedroom and give you the view from head to toe to dress up perfectly.

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