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Antique mirror the best decoration for your dining room

Do you ever collect things you love and discover that you have nowhere to put them when you get home? However, you keep buying because you are sure to find a place for it! Such is the one of our clients especially with vintage mirrors. In our opinion the old mirrors have more character than those of today. Our client decided to add to his collection of vintage mirrors for his dining room.

Mirrors for Dining Room

Most of the vintage mirrors were already on this wall above the buffet, but we removed a wire rack at our client's request and added a couple more. The long mirror on the bottom is simply resting against the wall.

Our client had 2 small rectangular mirrors that fit perfectly in the space, which is good because otherwise he would have had to move all the other mirrors so that the arrangement looked good.

Mirrors have been used in interior design for centuries.

They are a unique combination of furniture and mural art, dominated by the negative space that is framed by the aesthetic centerpiece. One important advantage of using mirrors to decorate your home is its ability to make a room look much larger, which makes it the perfect design element for small spaces.

The mirrors make the spaces look bigger and turn the reflection of a room into a work of art.

The mirrors were not seen in interior decoration until the late seventeenth century. The frames of mirrors of this era were made of walnut or olive, ivory, tortoiseshell or silver, and often adorned with beads and sewing. The frames were elaborately carved to be combined with other pieces of furniture and often hung on a shelf. The round mirrors did not appear until the end of the 18th century, and the frames of this period were often painted decoratively.

The antique, retro and contemporary design come together in this updated Victorian version. Placing mirrors near a window makes the rooms lighter and brighter with the illusion of additional windows.

While many of the mirrors found in the home today are parts of matching bedroom sets, antique and modern mirrors can become the perfect work of art for any room in your home. You can buy new mirrors in different places, from furniture stores to interior boutiques and online sellers. Used mirrors, old or old can be even more fun to find and can inspire some creative design ideas, so stay tuned for unique finds.

Antique Mirror New York, produces daily versatile versions of old mirror, different sizes, styles and colors that adapt to the taste, style and pocket of each client. We have unique designs, always adaptable to the tastes and needs of our customers, also to each space and place since not all spaces are the same. We will fill spacious small spaces through our mirrors finding the perfect place to create that visual illusion. We offer our decorative wall mirrors for your living room, dining room or any place you want, you can take our beautiful etched mirrors that will personalize your space. We have a complete kit with mirrors for your bathroom that will simply impact.

In the same way we make products with glass that form the perfect complement for the decoration of your home, office, apartment. Contact us and get the best quote for the city.

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