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Etched Mirror is a Good Choice

Etched Mirrors a good Choice
Etched Mirrors
The main purpose of any mirror is, for some reason, the ability to exhibit a person so that at any time you can have the opportunity to put your hairstyle or toilet details in order, correct the makeup or simply admire its appearance.

However, modern mirrors often play a decorative function, being part of the interior, and are not designed to look at them.

The custom cut mirror, individually designed, is elegant and original, can transform a banal interior design, give the room interesting details and be functional in its use.

In addition to its main functional purpose, the mirror is also a modern accessory, because there are many variations in its performance. These can be decorations of small walls or partitions, cupboards of doors.

It is not a problem to buy a common mirror in the store, but if you prefer original things, the personalized engraved mirror is the best option.

Etched glass - an excellent decorative material to create special lighting and space. The engraved glass is glass, painted with acids, which allows it to obtain a uniform, matt and transparent image, with a different depth of processing.

The artistic engraving is the application of chemical products on the surface of a mirror image. This way of working allows you to obtain the original image. When working, only non-toxic substances are used.

Obtained after the treatment with etching, the glass acquires not only matte but also a slight roughness. By touching a surface treated in this way, glass can be compared to satin, so digestion is often called satinization.

If you are interested in acquiring this type of products that will undoubtedly contribute a lot in interior decoration, contact the experts of Antique Mirror New York. In the hands of professionals, the usual mirror is transformed into a design decoration. A wide range of services, fast delivery times and attractive prices that will not let pass.

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