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Mirror on the wall

Mirron on the Wall
Mirron on the Wall
We all know the importance of mirrors and how they can open a space and make a room look bigger. However, the difficult thing is how to achieve it. It's not just about hanging a mirror on a wall and that's it. First of all, be sure to keep the mirror flat against the surface to which it hangs, otherwise you risk altering the image you are reflecting. Height is another aspect to consider. Consider what you need to reflect, that is, you and the room. In a dining room, the mirror should reflect the table and create an environment, should not reflect the ceiling.

If the mirror is the key piece in your room, in other words, a decorative mirror, you should hang it high. The independent mirrors that you lean against a wall are ideal to create the illusion of space. The mirrors are excellent for dark spaces and can illuminate corners, making them perfect for dimly lit corridors. However, be careful to place a mirror at the end of a corridor, as it is believed that feng shui prevents a good flow of energy. Since mirrors can act as a spare window, by bringing more light, they need to reflect the already natural light or the light from the lamps.

At Antique Mirror New York, we have several projects available with mirrors that according to your purpose will give a special touch to the desired place. As mentioned in the article, if you want to renovate your room, we have spectacular designs for you to make your room look different to what you are used to seeing: you can enlarge it if you wish with the help of our products. If you want to give more lighting, do not worry we are here to help you, we have the best designs and strategies to place it in the perfect place to achieve this goal.

We also have our famous aged mirrors that have captured the attention of our customers because they mark a different style, classic and elegant. We offer dining room mirrors that will renew the look of the room due to the effects it produces, either with a full-length mirror, mirrors with wooden frames, mirrors in the middle of the wall, round mirrors and many more.

In the same way we also offer other products with mirror and glass that fall as a ring in the decoration of your house, apartment, office, including: glass table, antique glass objects, custom mirrored furniture, color mirror and much more than You can not miss browsing our website or contacting us.

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