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Round Table Tops

Round Table Tops

Glass tables are easy to clean, add style and elegance to a room and can create a greater sense of space.

For its part, the round glass tables have the great advantage that they are small, versatile, they can be placed practically in any space since they do not occupy as much as the rectangular ones, and it has the advantage that the people who sit there will be closer and closer. consequently, they will not be distant, as is normally the case with rectangular tables where many people miss out on interesting conversations because they can not hear what their more distant comrades say.

They are perfect for square spaces but also fit very well in large spaces, providing a touch of lightness, comfort, privacy.

Custom options for your glass table

Each piece of your home should be a reflection of your unique personal style. When you choose a custom approach to decorating, you can make sure that the round table you receive is exactly what you imagined.

Choose a glass table in a variety of shapes, sizes and finished edges to create truly unique pieces for each client for example to share outdoors with your friends, family and loved ones, made with resistant materials such as steel and glass that guarantee solidity and security that you expect.

At Antique Mirror New York, we will work to complete your project quickly and efficiently. We offer many affordable options for any budget. We value the safety of you and your family very much. We offer laminated and tempered glass options, as well as safety glass for tables in high traffic areas.

In the same way we are experts in the creation of large projects with glass and mirror, among them we can offer: fireplace glass doors, painted glass for backsplash, painted mirror panels for offices or buildings, antique mirrors and much more.

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