Custom color mirrors and antique mirror choices - Antique Mirrors New York

Custom color mirrors and antique mirror choices

Custom color mirrors

Antique Mirror New York We have many options of color mirrors and antique mirrors
colors of standard mirrors in which we have mirrors in light color, bronze and gray. Other colors and mirror thicknesses are also available, we also have colored mirrors for the little ones of the house, so that from their 6 months, they begin to play, know themselves, see themselves sing among other activities, totally safe, practically unbreakable and in different presentations.

We have sizes of 16x16 cm ideal for creating mosaics in special places or in a room, a room, or a special space for you.

Unidirectional mirrors
Unidirectional mirrors
Unidirectional mirrors

Unidirectional mirrors, sometimes also called bidirectional mirrors, are semi-transparent mirrors that allow light to pass through one direction and reflect in the other direction. From the TV sets with mirror for the bathroom, the security windows, bathroom doors to windows on the ground floor, our experts are ready to help you decide which is the right unidirectional mirror for your project.

Antique Avian Mirror
Antique Avian Mirror

Finished antique avian mirror

Due to its popularity and availability, we offer the antique Avian mirror at the best price and we can sell you cut pieces instead of sheets. Each piece of this beautiful antique mirror is handmade and has natural variations within each leaf and from sheet to sheet. This photo is a sample that shows its silver pattern similar to a cloud.

We also have other projects in glass and mirror that will surely fascinate you, beautiful round glass tables, fireplace glass doors, custom mirrored furniture, mirrors for rooms, dining room mirrors and much more.

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