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Everything You Need to Know about Antique Glass

Antique glass is a popular choice for home restoration projects. The beauty and imperfections of antique glassware and windows make the restored historic houses look genuine. Did you know that there are several types of antique glass? It can be difficult to distinguish one from the other or identify authentic antiquities from modern replicas. If you are a collector or want to make your own old glass, use this guide to get help.

Antique Glass

Glass cylinder

Cylinder glass is a type of ancient, blown window glass found in historic buildings that date back to the 1600s. It is also known as bubble-rippled glass and wavy imperfections found on the surface of glass and that distort the images when you look through it.

The process of creating a cylindrical glass panel consists of blowing in a torch with a ball of molten glass at the end while swinging the torch down into a well until the glass is stretched and reaches the desired length and diameter. At this point, the glass resembles a cylinder, which must be cooled, marked, reheated and flattened into a sheet.

Crystal crown

Crystal crown It is another option for antique window glass in historic houses. The technique was originally developed in the seventh century and then restored as a substitute for cylindrical glass.

The method for making the glass cup begins by blowing a ball of semi-molten glass to gradually open it outwards. Then, the glass blower transfers the glass to a pontil and flattens it into a disk shape by turning it and heating it. The pontil leaves a bull's-eye center in the glass with concentric rings that distort the images when looking through it.

Carnival Glass

Carnival glass is a type of pressed glass material, iridescent, treated with metallic spray. Its name derives from the fact that these glasses, glasses, cups and brightly colored plates were often given as prizes at carnivals.

Fenton is a well-known carnival glass manufacturer, dating back to 1908. If you see the Fenton logo stamped on the bottom, this indicates you have a newer piece of carnival glass. The oldest, most valuable pieces are unmarked.

Depression Glass

Depression glass was a type of mass production tableware manufactured economically during the 1920s and early 1930s. The pieces came in many colors and patterns, from tea cups and saucers to salt shakes and jars.

Nowadays, glass depression is considered a collector's item. You know you have found genuine antiques. Glassware if you see small bubbles in the whole piece, seams in the lid and lines in the bottom. The glass should also feel thin and delicate, since the reproductions are usually much thicker. Depression glass labeled with the word "elegant" refers to hand-pressed American articles manufactured around 1925 to 1955.

Glass of milk

The glass of milk dates back to the sixteenth century, although it was produced en masse until the sixties. It is easy to identify this type of old glassware for its milky white appearance, although the older types of milk glass also came in pink, blue, yellow, black and brown.

The glass of milk can be opaque or translucent, blown or pressed, and comes in a wide variety of shapes used for decorative purposes. Bowls, cups, jars, vases, and other pieces of genuine milk glass are considered collector's items, but it is easy to replicate when painting with ordinary glass spray with matte white spray paint.

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