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Decorative wall Mirror

Decorative Wall Mirrors

Antique Mirrors New York is pleased to present our clients, products of fascinating decorative architectural character and a mirror that adds an elegant beauty to museums, high-end hotels, banks, casinos, corporate offices, schools, restaurants, medical facilities and luxurious residences throughout the country.

we have variety of styles and colors for all tastes such as: antique mirror, antique heavy mirror, antique mirror with gold vein, antique mirror with cloudy light, antique mirror blue, antique mirror rose, antique antique, gold antique mirror, lunare Antique Mirror, Cobolto Antique Mirror, and much more.

Our staff is fully trained to create impressive models of mirrors and work with glass, tempered glass, wall mirror , among other great projects that you will meet in this site and contacting us that we will kindly attend your requirements.

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