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Color Mirror the best quality just for you.

Not all mirrors have to be smooth. Where most colors actually have a slight green hue that helps with the reflection of light and how human eyes process it, mirrors can come in a variety of different shades as well as designs. The idea of ​​a colored mirror may seem strange, but it can be an extremely beautiful and unique addition that makes people think and start a conversation.

In Antique Mirror New York we have a wide variety of colors available for any personal preference, the color mirrors are just mirrors in different shades of glass, which reflect the light differently, but still show the image in front of them with a slightly different tone. They can be used to create a mirage of color when the light reproduces in the mirrors of a room. The double surface can provide reflection and add color to a room in a different way, being useful and artistic at the same time.

Color Mirrors
Color Mirrors

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and what better than with our colored mirrors that currently make a difference in terms of mirrors, giving them style, class and good taste.

We have different styles for the different purposes you have in mind. In the same way we have different products made with mirrors that will surely interest you such as furniture with mirrors, decorative wall mirror, antique mirror backsplash, mirrors for dining room, and many more products.

We invite you to visit our portal completely and see our diversity of services and to be interested in getting in touch with our company who will attend you cordially for any requirement.

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