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Antique Mirror – Decorate your home

The antique mirrors are decorative silver glass used mainly for interiors.

This way of making glass comprises a variable regularity of metal deposits. In addition to the decorative effect, the antique mirror creates a soft and softened reflection that contributes very nicely to the interior light levels.

Antique mirrors with exotic colors, as well as patterns, are available in sizes over 48 "X94", as well as in the finishes of traditional antiques and the explosion of some colorful 3D effects.

You can use this for: framed mirror inserts, walls, splashes, furniture, bathrooms and anything else you can imagine.

Now, we can see the reflection of our own nowadays. The mirror no longer retains the capricious or magical reflection, which was created once in antiquity.

Antique Mirror Decorate your home
Antique Mirror decorate your home

But, looking in the antique mirror preserves the image of the past and filters through time and gives the reflection that will make you wonder about the mysteries contained in the mirror. The antique mirror usually removes the perfection that modern mirrors have done. The objective was achieved by experimenting with oxidation and use of the black background, which gives off heat and past memories while reflecting.

Types of antique mirror finishes:

Venetian antique mirror
Antique rose mirror
Light antique mirror
Cloudy mirror light
Golden mirror
Heavy antique mirror
Ancient blue
Golden knitted mirror
Golden antique mirror
Heavy cloudy mirror

The influence of Renaissance art and culture is seen in the intricate designs of the art of antique mirrors. The Baroque mirror is a type of antique mirror that is usually heavy and has carvings. This has the rich appearance and gives the real feeling in your room. One type of antique mirror is the rococo that has heavy carvings and has a floral design.

Antique Mirror New York, manufactures quality products capable of transforming spaces into real colonial and architectural pieces, transporting owners and visitors to the best times of the colony. Our services are offered to residences, apartments, but also to hotoles, museums, offices, schools, film studios, theater and television.

We have a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes for the decoration of your space, we will adapt completely to your needs and decorate the place you want with a personal, elegant or classic touch.

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