Painted Glass Backsplashes
Painted Glass Backsplashes
People have been using custom glass for walls, cabinets, doors and even floors for a long time. Of course, at Antique Mirror New York we have been installing painted glass for our customers for years. We have a large selection of colors, and we can even match the samples supplied by the customer.

Glass is a great solution when tiles or granite are less desirable. The glass offers a surface that is not porous and is easily disinfected. There are no grout lines to keep clean, and there are no limits to the colors available. There are different thicknesses, options for transparent glass or with low iron content, the option of tempering, textures, etc.

We have different models so you can choose the one that is best with your kitchen and in turn, the walls are 100% protected from the splashes of any product at the time of cooking, so what you will do is simply give a little cleaning when you finish preparing food and ready is radiant again.

Do not worry because the heat of the kitchen can cause some damage to the glass panels and the kitchen in general, since our panels are resistant to heat, steam and fire. We bet on the innovative and the glass panels have undoubtedly been a great letter of introduction for Newyorkinas family kitchens, because by admiring our work they are simply fascinated and come to our services, which among other things covers:  Fireplace Glass Doors, etched glass, mirrored furniture, antique glass, framed mirror and much more.

If you have any questions or just want more information about this topic or other pipelines, simply contact us. We will be happy to provide any help we can.

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