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Vintage mirror in modern interior

Antique Mirror New York throughout its experience has been known throughout the city of New York for its excellent services in glass and mirrors. We are working on it every day and our goal is to provide a high quality service and excellent material. Antique mirror, also known as aged mirror, vintage, aged or simply old. The great choice of finishes allows each client to choose the best one for him.

Vintaje Mirror in modern interior
Vintaje Mirror in modern interior

The antique mirrors are the answer to a dark and monotonous entrance or to the guest bathroom under the stairs. Gather several shapes and sizes of antique mirrors to place them on the two walls of a hall that is too shaded to be cozy. The glass will bounce light from one side to another, encouraging energy and increasing the power in space to attract visitors. The antique mirrors can be engraved, bevelled, beautifully framed or geometrically slanted and curved to create a gallery of glitter art as you enter through the door.

Tilt an old pier glass against the wall in a bedroom or dressing room for an elegant workshop. A spring glass is a large mirror, designed to hang on a mantelpiece.
The glass of a vintage dock on the floor of a living room or a large room with high ceilings is high enough to have a view from head to toe and is usually covered by an equally fabulous vintage frame.

A huge dock glass with origin may be beyond your budget, but a small mirror or a wall of them, can also be impressive.

Do not hesitate and contact us now. Our managers are always ready to offer you the best options at affordable prices. Enjoy our fascinating projects with glass and mirror that will undoubtedly transform the decoration of your home, school, hotel, office: antique glass, round glass table, custom color mirrors, mirror backsplash, glass backsplash, and a variety of services that offers you our company exclusively.

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