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Whether you need a mirror for your apartment?

Mirror for Apartment
The mirrors act like magicians in your home: they make the spaces seem bigger, the light multiplies and the views double. Depending on their size and location, they can play primary or secondary roles in decorating your home, but the right mirrors are always memorable. They are enchantments that will illuminate and energize any place where you put them.

Here we have highlighted some of our favorite forms (there were too many to list them all) and ideas on where to hang them in your home to make the most of these decoration marvels.

The Horizontal Rectangle
The Horizontal Rectangle
The horizontal rectangle

This orientation is the best to fill the space on large extensions, so it has long been the natural choice on a mantelpiece. We love this shape hanging over a long low dresser, in an entrance as a place for a last minute makeup control before leaving the house, or as a solution for rooms with low ceilings, where tall mirrors can make them feel even lower. Behind the bar, they give it an elegant atmosphere, without the need for a password.

Vertical Rectangle
The Vertical Rectangle
The vertical rectangle

This form of mirrors is justifiably popular because of its versatile and classical form. It resembles a painting, so do not be afraid to treat it as a work of art and give it a prime audience location, such as a shelf. Try hanging two on the opposite walls of your living room to create an incredible depth, or one directly in front of a window to multiply the light. You will not believe how much this can brighten the whole room. Another classic use: a matching pair hanging over two sinks for an extra dose of style in the bathroom.

Round Mirror
Round Mirror
The great round

Large mirrors can actually anchor a room creating a high-impact focal point. We love circles because they are easy to live, do not worry about leveling! With a thin or unframed edge, they are great and carefree; Located in a frame more like a jewel, they are elegant and dramatic. Adding one to the wall behind a desk turns the surface into an instant vanity.

Antique Mirror New York, is a specialist in creating these types of mirrors and many others that meet the needs and requirements of our customers, from the simplest to the most demanding, from the most classic to modern and innovative. If you are looking to remodel your space, one of the accessories to keep in mind are the mirrors and we are the ideal ones to give the place the comfort, lighting and spaciousness that you are looking for only with the magic of our mirrors.

In addition, we will present different projects with mirrors and glass so you can make a complete renovation to the place, we have collections of objects that you will not stop wearing the style of antique glass, if you want to renovate your bedroom, we offer you spectacular custom mirrored furniture, you have to see our works you will be delighted, if you are going to renovate the kitchen, we can offer colored glass for backsplash, antique glass and much more that is worthwhile to know browsing the portal or contacting us through our different channels of communication that we will attend your requirements.

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